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Human Design Reading

Sonia’s human design session was awesome!

I learned more of what makes me who I am and got to understand my energy type and how to be aligned with it so I can live my best life!

I think the most helpful thing was that all the things I’ve doubted about myself are actually areas that are meant to shine and it was really fun to explore that!

I feel more confident in my abilities and more grounded! Excited to apply these concepts to my life even more as I learn more about human design and more about myself!

Thank you Sonia!


Human Design Reading

Sonia is so knowledgeable about Human Design! She provided such a thorough reading for me and I walked away feeling more anchored in my own purpose. As someone who is constantly comparing herself to others and feeling misunderstood, I'm grateful for Sonia's ability to use Human Design to help me look at my insecurities in a new light and see my uniqueness as a gift. If you want to understand yourself better and feel empowered to live life in alignment with your gifts, I can't recommend a Human Design reading with Sonia enough!

Elizabeth Su, Writer and Founder of Monday Vibes

Human Design Reading

 Hi Sonia,

I just wanted to thank you for my Human Design reading - it was so informative and helpful! I'd pulled my chart before but had no idea how to make sense of it and you really helped me understand what was going on. It was really reassuring to know that all the things that had felt 'true' for me, but not necessarily for others wasn't me being weird, but just falling into flow with my design. The idea of trusting my gut (sacral), waiting for opportunities rather than making them, and in particular, following feelings rather than having really specific goals was so helpful. I always thought there was something wrong with me when goal setting and law of attraction stuff felt so hard for me, but now I know I just have to follow my feelings and it will all flow! It's also good to know that whilst I can work under pressure, it's not something I thrive at, and that my current lifestyle is a really good match for my type. It's so supportive to know that I am on the right path and can make future decisions more confidently knowing what is and isn't going to work with my design.

Thanks again,

Emma x

Human Design Reading

 "The Human design session was life- changing!

I feel the fullness of my true potential in my life but especially in my business.

Now I know what are my biggest talents and strengths and how to use them even more effectively. 

As a business coach I’m very intuitive but the session with Sonia showed me how to connect and trust my intuition on a much deeper level."


Human Design Reading

"Sonia analyzed my Human Design chart. She spent a lot of time with me, she was very thorough in her presentation and description of my profile. She also answered all my questions and doubts in great depth. 

I was intrigued by the fact that a lot of the descriptions were accurate and described my personality and preferences. Some of the qualities were also surprising.

I found out what my strengths are and what I should reinforce. I also learned how to react to problems and make decisions in order to live in alignment with myself. 

The Human Design analysis was an interesting experience, which guided me to observe my own behavior and reactions to my environment. 

I would like to thank Sonia for her commitment and I recommend the Human Design reading to anyone who is interested in their personal growth and development."


In Polish:

"Sonia przeprowadziła analizę mojego profilu osobowości Human Design. Na konsultację poświęciła mi dużo czasu, dokładnie przedstawiła i opisała cechy mojego profilu oraz odpowiadała wyczerpująco na moje pytania i wątpliwości. 

Co mnie bardzo zaintrygowało, to fakt, że dużo spostrzeżeń okazało się trafionych i opisywało moją osobowość oraz predyspozycje. Niektóre opisy były też zaskoczeniem.

Dowiedziałam się, jakie są moje mocne strony, które powinnam wzmacniać a także jak reagować na problemy i jak podejmować decyzje, aby żyć w zgodzie z samą sobą.

Analizę HD traktuję jako ciekawe doświadczenie i wskazówkę do obserwacji własnych zachowań i reakcji na otoczenie zewnętrzne.

Dziękuję Sonii za zaangażowanie i polecam analizę HD każdemu, kto interesuje się swoim rozwojem osobistym."


Human Design Reading

 "Having a Human Design reading gave me a map to my soul. It provided me insight into not just who I am but who I was meant to be without the influences and pressures from society trying to mold me. I now have a pathway to my soul that helps me understand my most authentic self. With this map, I will be able to better understand who I am meant to be, which will lead me to stop chasing who I feel I should be or succumbing to pressures I feel from others to change. 

For the longest time I felt that something needed to be fixed or to be changed about myself. I was constantly striving to figure out a way to find true joy or happiness. However with Human Design I can feel comfortable knowing all I need to be happy is within me. Happiness is a matter of doing the work within - embracing and accepting myself. 

Working with Sonia has led me to make new discoveries that will help me better understand not just who I am but who I am meant to be in the end.”

Maria B


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