My approach

Live the way you were designed to live

I use Human Design as the basis for my coaching. Human Design is the blueprint your soul chose coming into this world. It's how you were meant to live as your highest self. 

If you prefer coaching without a Human Design reading, that is possible as well. 

I work with clients across ages and backgrounds to help them connect with how their soul intended for them to live. 

I utilize tools like meditation, journaling, visualization and some of my own processes to create change quickly. 

Are you ready to step into your authentic power?

When you live according to your design things you want manifest more quickly and with ease. Nothing is more attractive and magnetic than someone who is truly comfortable in their skin and loving all parts of themselves. 

Release Conditioning

I will teach you to recognize the ways you were conditioned i.e. taught how you needed to be or behave by your parents, society etc. so that you can release what is not in alignment with your design and live with more ease and flow. Living your design will provide relief and acceptance of who you are.